The Art and Practice of Quality Learning Design
Education is transformative, and great educative experiences have the capacity to impact the learner, to develop their capacities and shape their belief in themselves.

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In this facilitated course, you will learn how learning designers think, how they design activities and create courses that keep students at the centre of the design and amplify the learning experience. In this course you will learn from Curio’s industry-leading team with weekly webinars, including detailed, interactive activities to help you understand the role of a Learning Designer, how a Learning Designer fits within a learning ecosystem, what theories and ideas drive great learning and how to create exceptional learning yourself. The learning activities for this course are designed to replicate real-world tasks you will be asked to complete as learning designers.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be accredited by Curio in Learning Design with a badge. As an industry leader with over 10,000 hours of online learning every year, delivered by our qualified experts, trained in the delivery of engaging, contemporary learning experiences, our Curio team is proud to present this course for a wider audience.

Intake dates
Jun 2024 - enroll by 3 June 2024
Sep 2024 - enroll by 2 September 2024
Course overview
What will you achieve?

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Employ design thinking practices
  • Create course narratives
  • Undertake backwards design
  • Design active student learning activities
  • Complete a coursemap; and
  • Apply learning material to suit a learner’s context
What topics will you cover?

What topics will be covered?

  • The mindset, skills, practices and day-to-day requirements of learning design
  • Historical and contemporary approaches to pedagogy and learning science
  • Translated activities that get you to try new techniques and approaches to designing your own online experiences
  • Navigating online assessment design, task designing, and harnessing learner motivation, attention and creativity

Participants will be assessed through a variety of formative assessment tasks. Rich and engaging assessment strategies include:

  • Weekly activities
  • Forums and community-of-practice sharing
  • Reflection and portfolio
Testimonials: From our past learners
I participated in a fantastic online course ‘The Art and Practice of Quality Learning Design’ offered by Curio last year. This short four-week course was delivered in a highly accessible format enabling me to study at my own pace. There was also a wonderful weekly webinar conducted by Curio’s industry-leading team which supported my learning. As a teacher and online facilitator, I was able to reinforce my understanding of learning theories and concepts. I was then able to apply these learnings to the work of a learning designer using real-life case examples. There was a range of weekly activities as well as engaging with my fellow students in forums and community-of-practice sharing platforms. Having the option for reflection on my progress was extremely beneficial in engraining the concepts presented. I loved the fact that the summative assessment task provided me with the opportunity to apply my learning to a personal design scenario and add to my professional portfolio. This short course clearly gave me the rudiments of learning design. More importantly, the course enabled me to gain access to the wonderful world of learning design. I am now working as a learning designer and simply love the work. It is a perfect match for my career to date and has definitely added another string to my bow. I would really recommend this course as an introduction to learning design offered by one of the most highly acclaimed in the business, Curio Academy. - Dana
This Learning Design course really brings to life what learning design is about...which is taking content and creating a learning experience for the student. The course was not only very practical but had clarity and the instructors were absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend this to anyone interesting in learning design and creating innovative experience - Dimitra
This was one of the most useful of these sorts of courses that I have ever completed – and I’ve completed a few aligned courses (Grad Dip Adult Ed, Train the Trainer). The course started macro and we looked at how learning design fits into the bigger picture of education, which contextualised all the activities and is essential for those who need to know why a particular approach is most suited. We narrowed the focus to explore different theories of learning before moving on to a micro-focus on individual learners. I learned so much about how to reframe my thinking of the student cohort as personas with shared characteristics. This then enabled me to target my learning design at the learner’s needs and interests. A lot of this thinking I had probably done intuitively, but I did not signpost anywhere near as well as I should have. After completing this course, I have a toolkit and a vocabulary to enable me to be better at what I do. It was reasonably priced; we were well supported by accomplished facilitators and I’d thoroughly recommend it. The added bonus was meeting some lovely fellow students. - Robin
Teaching team

Siri Sawatdeenarunat is an experienced educator with a passion for curriculum design and innovative learning experiences. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching and designing courses. Siri is known for the quality of her learning designs and excellence in teaching. Her teaching philosophy is to help learners “learn how to learn”. She believes that effective learning designs can help learners succeed in their future studies and in life. Prior to joining Curio, Siri worked as a Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Science Communication at the National University of Singapore and taught ESL/EFL courses at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Since joining Curio as a Learning Designer, Siri has been actively developing online courses for a range of programs including Open University Australia, graduate certificates and master’s degrees.

Josh Valerie is an online learning expert located in Perth who has overseen large scale digital transformations for educational institutions across K-12 and tertiary education. In both the public and private sector Josh has established and overseen digital learning teams spanning ecosystem design, learning design, multimedia development, course delivery and quality assurance. In his most recent work in learning design innovation has formed the basis of the new Master of Business Administration launched by Navitas’ newly branded Australian College of Applied Professions, and the relaunch of SAE Institute’s Master of Creative Industries. As part of the Curio team, Josh is responsible for delivering direction and overall success for key learning design projects.

Shannon boasts 17 years as a primary school teacher and 4 years as a learning designer. Her career trajectory spans esteemed institutions in the UK and New Zealand where she fostered student creativity through engaging projects and prioritised building inclusive classroom environments. Shannon's transition into learning design saw her collaborate with renowned organisations to create captivating learning experiences. Currently a Learning Designer at Curio Group, she leverages her expertise to create dynamic environments that foster curiosity and critical thinking. Alongside her role, Shannon also teaches conversational English remotely, reflecting her commitment to cross-cultural communication. With a Bachelor of Education from Auckland University and TEFL certification, Shannon's approach centers on inclusive, learner-centered education. She believes in the transformative power of learning to enrich lives and communities. Shannon's multifaceted journey embodies creativity, collaboration, and compassion, making her a trusted mentor and guide in the evolving landscape of education.

The Art and Practice of Quality Learning Design


4 weeks

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World class teaching and learning thinking, delivered monthly.

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