About us

Our reason for being

Curio Academy helps education institutions build and strengthen their capability to deliver the future of education.

Technology, automation and a changing workforce are transforming the nature of work. Across all levels, the need for new skills and capabilities grows. In order to succeed, education, training and development needs to be grounded in the science of how people learn and develop. It must embrace new modes of learning, thoughtfully matched to the outcome sought.

We established Curio Academy to help the education sector succeed. Thoughtful, well-designed learning experiences help individuals, teams and organisations build and deepen critical capabilities to deliver the future of education – from leadership, to learning design, to delivery, all the way to getting the best out of academics, educators and professional staff.

Why Curio Academy

We created Curio Academy to help people and organisations learn and develop.

The learning experience is at the centre of everything we do. Our people, services and courses all share the common goal of providing learners with the best online experience possible.

Academic leadership

We understand education as well as the institutions, government and regulatory contexts. We design, develop and deliver programs from this experience.

Proven online experience

We are a leading provider of online learning advice and service. Our frameworks, tools and people are widely recognised.

Insights from our experience

We bring the insights and ideas developed through our work with education providers globally and from developing our own people to every learning experience.

Our Learning and Teaching Principles

Curio Academy provide a new way forward for continuing professional development. This respects the minds and motivations of the adult learner. We follow the following principles in all learning experiences we co-create with our experts and facilitators.


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